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Diving in Moyo Island

Diving on Moyo Island

Recently we were offered to go diving on Moyo. We had a few free days, so we decided to explore this island and its underwater life. We packed our gear, hopped on bikes, and set off…

The trip turned out to be very interesting and colorful. Such beauty on land and underwater is rarely seen.

First Day on Moyo Island

When asked where the most beautiful spot is, our guide points to the sea about 500 meters from the port (actually about one and a half kilometers). It seemed doubtful, but we agreed – he knows better. What struck us first was the color of the water right from the surface. I haven’t seen such blue and clear water in a long time.

Moyo Island

The boat is tied to a buoy, gear is on, we jump in, and… I’ve probably only seen such crystal-clear water in Sharm and in Komodo Park, and even then not always!

The wall starts at a depth of about 10 meters and disappears into the deep blue. It’s covered with corals and sponges! It feels like there’s no free space on it. Small fish swim along the wall, which can be found in many places, but there are just so many here. And then… the first shark – a blacktip reef shark. Three times this one or others casually swam past us on their shark business. It’s a pity they weren’t very close. By the end of the dive, we ascend above the wall, and then another shock… In front of us is not a coral reef, but a whole plain on a white sandy bottom! I’ve never seen so many fiery corals. For those unfamiliar, protect your knees and elbows – they are very stinging.

Blacktip reef shark

The second dive, nearby, in terms of feelings and beauty, was almost the same as the first. A wall, white sandy bottom, lots of fish and corals, corals, corals with sponges. And almost all of them are alive and healthy. Periodically, I caught myself wanting to shoot everything around me that catches my eye – it’s all very beautiful!

Night Dive

The sun sets behind the horizon, we’re getting ready for a night dive. We decided to dive right from the shore, although there’s an option from the boat (we’ll have to try it next time).

Sea Hare

We pass the shallow part of the reef and go… After the amazing daytime dives, the night one seemed a bit boring. Although a crawling sea cucumber (or whatever it is), two huge crabs, a crocodile fish, an octopus, shrimp, and in the end even a devil scorpionfish. Someone might say we’re spoiled…

The Second day

On the second day, we followed the “Golden Triangle” route with three dives. The first dive was at Medang Island. It was beautiful, but the visibility was worse than yesterday, and we didn’t see anything special. A school of batfish, a huge coral garden at a depth of 10 meters, and a burgundy tubular sponge (or whatever it is in the photo) that I’ve never seen before, and a multitude of corals…

Diving in Medang Island

For the second dive, we returned to the outer side of Moyo. A very rich coral slope, a whitetip reef shark a couple of times, a devil scorpionfish – beautiful and interesting, but the visibility let us down again – only about 20 meters.

Moyo Island – Sanggallo Waterfall. After the second dive, we landed on a picturesque beach, had a small lunch, and set off into the forest to the waterfall. The photo can say it all for me. It’s very beautiful! And besides us, there was no one else.

Sanggalo waterfall on Moyo Island

The third dive – now we really stayed about 500 meters from the port. The water is greenish at depth again, and the visibility is so-so. But this reef – it’s something, even with such visibility. Countless corals and sponges on the white sandy bottom, the slope disappears into the abyss, there are lots of fish swimming around. And here again, several blacktip sharks swam past us about five times. The reef is simply stunning, now if only the visibility were a bit better…

The third day of diving on Moyo.

We decided to dive again on the reef we started from, but this time go deeper. We really wanted to see what was in the blue abyss.

Coral reef Takat sagele

The boat is tied, we gear up, jump in, and… dive into the abyss. The reef is as mesmerizing as the first time. We stop at 39 meters, and from this depth, the bottom is visible in the distance. It feels like it’s still about 30-40 meters away, if not more – the water is very clear again. On one of the gorgonians, we find pygmy seahorses and start a gradual ascent along the wall. Tunas, blacktip reef shark, and just a huge number of fish swim past us several times. Closer to the surface, in the coral garden, we meet a “fighting” anemonefish (clownfish), which zealously defends its anemone. Then another one, more timid and dark burgundy in color. After the dive, we learn that our guide saw a pygmy seahorse for the first time in his life.

For the second dive, we decided to choose yesterday’s last reef – we really wanted to see it with good visibility. And the reef pleased us – crystal-clear water, bright corals, all kinds of sea sponges, an octopus (the reef is called Octopus Garden), a blacktip reef shark, moray eels, and others. It’s hard to believe that such beauty is just 500 meters from the port.

Moyo Island – Mata Jitu Waterfall

Mata Jitu Waterfall on Moyo Island

Dives are over, gear is drying, there’s still plenty of time until sunset. We went to the nearest waterfall. 20 minutes as a passenger on a bike (ours stayed in the parking lot in the port of Sumbawa) turned out to be a whole attraction like a roller coaster. The locals’ bikes look like they’re 30 years old, start with wire connections, the instruments and lights don’t work, there are no mirrors, the engine makes strange noises. It all squeaks, rattles, and… it’s unclear why it doesn’t fall apart on the road. Or rather, on the dirt road with protruding rocks, bumps, potholes, and only in places a road. Trust me, the waterfall was worth it!

Sunset on Moyo On the final day, the island gave us a stunning sunset! The next morning, we head back – boats, bikes, ferries…

Sunset on Moyo Island

In early September, we plan to repeat the trip and add a visit to the whale sharks, which are found not far from Moyo.

Want to join us on Moyo and whale sharks, write us!