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Explore Bali’s Wonders: Amed to Menjangan Three-Day Dive Expedition

Embark on an immersive three-day dive expedition from Amed to the enchanting Menjangan Island. Delve into Bali’s treasures, combining scenic drives and cultural wonders with two full days of exhilarating dives at Menjangan’s pristine underwater sites.

Day 1: Amed to Pemuteran Adventure

Embark on a picturesque drive from Amed to Pemuteran, soaking in Bali’s scenic landscapes. Enroute, visit iconic tourist attractions, unraveling the island’s cultural tapestry. Arrive in Pemuteran, a tranquil coastal village, and unwind in preparation for the diving adventures that await.

Day 2: Menjangan’s Underwater Paradise Unveiled

Gear up for a day of diving at Menjangan Island. Explore the captivating depths of The Anchor Wreck, Eel Garden, and Pos I & II. Encounters with reef sharks, sea turtles, and vibrant coral gardens promise an unforgettable underwater experience. Return to Pemuteran, reflecting on a day filled with marine marvels.

Day 3: Dive Deeper into Menjangan’s Beauty

As the sun rises, dive into Menjangan’s untouched beauty for another day of awe-inspiring underwater explorations. Explore additional sites, each offering a unique glimpse into Bali’s marine wonders. Conclude your three-day expedition with memories of Bali’s scenic landscapes, cultural richness, and the unparalleled beauty of Menjangan’s underwater realms.

Temple in Menjangan Island

Seamless Logistics, Unforgettable Experiences

Experience the ease of our three-day dive expedition, combining cultural exploration with world-class diving. From expert guidance and well-maintained equipment to seamless logistics, we ensure a seamless journey and an immersive dive adventure at Menjangan Island.

Book Your Amed to Menjangan Three-Day Dive Expedition

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